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PMC Computers & Surveillance sells complete surveillance systems with monitors, camera options that work with your television or computer monitor, and recording devices that store current and past activity happening in and around your home or business.
We understand that safety and security of your family, friends, and property is a top priority. With a properly installed surveillance system, you can feel secure 24 hours a day. Whether you want to prevent problems before damage is done, or catch intruders in the act so you can press charges, we can help! The best part is, the price of surveillance systems is rapidly dropping, and most insurance companies will give you a substantial discount on your insurance premiums once a system is installed.

Before PMC Computers & Surveillance installs your surveillance system, we will help you evaluate the best camera locations and develop the best strategies for your safety and monitoring.  After we install your surveillance system, we will personally guide you through all the settings and preferences and teach you how to use all its features. Our surveillance systems let you observe from anywhere in the world via the internet or a smartphone.

Imagine having peace of mind while on vacation or gone for the winter…

Whenever there is unwanted movement in your home or business, you can receive a text or email alert.

Our surveillance systems also have the capability to detect sound, smoke, a door or window opening, moisture, temperature change, and much more. All this, without a monthly fee!

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