Remote Assistance

PMC Remote support (click here)

If you are in need of some quick assistance but do not want to bring your computer in or pay for a service call, try our “Remote Assistance” program. For only $37.50 for the first 1/2 hour we can connect to your computer from our office and do many repairs and even training. We can see your screen, control your mouse and keyboard, and show you how to do many simple things. When we are done, you regain full control and we CANNOT reenter without your full consent.

Please go to , click on the “Windows” box as seen below, and follow the “run” option.

You will get to this screen…

Now call PMC at 260-242-5112 and we will connect.

Remember, we can see your screen. Close anything you do not want us to see. We do have control, but at any time you can take control and click the button to end the session.

VERY IMPORTANT: NEVER let anyone that you do not know and trust take remote control of your computer. This includes any person that YOU yourself did not call and initiate the call to including the person who claims to be from Microsoft. Microsoft will never call you and has no way of knowing if your computer needs work without you telling them. Any call from anyone asking you to allow remote access is a scam and you should hang up. This is why we ask that you call us and request this service, we will not call you.