Computer Training

pmcbookComputer Training

PMC Computers & Surveillance specializes in customized computer training to help individuals and businesses get the most out of their computers and accessories. No group is too big or too small – individual, small and large groups. Our training services include: basic computing, learning a specific software, practicing safe internet browsing to learning how to use social media web sites.

Are you looking for a computer training book that is easy to understand? Basic Computing, authored by Mike Bodenhafer, is a 98-page paperback book written in plain English with computer terms simply defined and can be purchased from our store or Our book is a perfect for beginners and can serve as a valuable reference guide.

Social Media Training

Thanks to the advancement of technology, communication has been enhanced with video calls, text messages, emails, and social media web sites. As our children grow up and move off to college or join the military, grandchildren living several states away, or missing an old friend – technology has the ability to bring us closer together. Improving our computer skills and utilizing social media we can promote our business, stay in touch with loved ones, expand hobbies and whole lot more!

Imagine how thrilling it would be to meet your newest grandchild only hours after he or she is born; or the delightful emotions when you see a long distant relative you had not seen in years! The truth is, you won’t have to imagine, you will be able to experience it!

The owner, Mike Bodenhafer, has granddaughters who live over two thousand miles away; and the fact is, he would seldom get to see them without today’s technology. This is why he makes it one of his top priorities to help people stay connected with their family and friends.

Contact PMC Computers & Surveillance today! You will be impressed to see how affordable and easy it is to adapt to the high tech world! We can help you quickly reacquaint yourself with friends and family, whether halfway around the world or just down the street.