Computer Repairs

pmcrepairComputer Repairs

Whether your issue is hardware or software, PMC Computers & Surveillance has the skills to troubleshoot and repair your computer. Often times, a slow running computer can be cleaned up or upgraded to save you the expense of a replacement.

Emergency Repair Services

Whenever anything breaks down, the timing is never good and places us in a bad predicament. We know that time is of the essence and deadlines are important. We provide emergency services to get you up and running again. Whether you are experiencing network issues, software conflicts, a non-responsive computer, printer malfunction, or any other failure, PMC Computers & Surveillance is just a phone call away!

Virus & Malware Removal

Keeping our antivirus and malware protection programs up to date is important, but there is that rare moment that something sneaks past the best security and causes chaos. Computers, like children, no matter how hard we try to keep them well, can begin to show symptoms something is wrong. The longer we ignore the situation, the worse it can get.

Did your computer suddenly act differently? Do you suspect that you unintentionally clicked onto a misleading link in your email? Did a window pop up telling you your computer was infected with several hundred viruses? Chances are, you are experiencing the malicious effects of malware or virus infecting your computer.

The writers of malware (the bad guys) use many tricks to outsmart even the best antivirus programs. Often by imposing fear, they can trick you into giving administrative permission to override the antivirus and load the malware on your computer. At this point, it is a serious matter of spreading in the background until your computer becomes critically infected.

Other malware can open a so-called “backdoor” to your computer so the bad guys can gain access to your information anytime, without your knowledge. These open doors can run in the background undetected and send your passwords and other private information to the creators until detected and closed.

PMC Computers & Surveillance can help your system recover! Even the most advanced computer user falls victim to these unexpected circumstances, don’t feel alone. If you are unsure, give us a call and tell us your symptoms.


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