It took a national economic downturn, subsequent unemployment and a very supportive wife to realize the richness, depth and quality of Noble County and Kendallville.

In 2008 I found myself without a job and no jobs to be found. My wife and I dug down deep and decided that the solution was clear, make my own job. We looked at the needs of the community and we found a career opportunity. Anyone can do the same.

Two years of school and a lot of research and I founded PMCreation in Kendallville. I know, I make it sound easy, but the truth is, I don’t think I could have done it without the help of the entire community. Entrepreneurship is equal parts hard work, commitment, attitude, “a job well done” and above all, the support of a community,

Looking back I now realize that I had the opportunity, the means, and all the help I could ever ask for at my fingertips the entire time. “Noble County and Kendallville are amazing – small enough to have a personal touch and a huge amount of available business needs, yet big enough to have every resource anyone with vision could ask for. The camaraderie and cooperation between many helpful departments and agencies in this county is unimaginable in today’s busy world. And most of the help was free. I feel so lucky. Lucky because I grew up and live in one of the greatest communities you could ask for, Kendallville.

After seeing and feeling all the help, it makes me want to give back and I think that is the key. Pay it forward. I now serve on the Board of the Kendallville Chamber of Commerce, including its Executive and Membership Committees and I was the 2016 Chamber President. Once you have established yourself, give back. Remember all the free help I spoke of? The reason it is free is exactly why Kendallville and Noble County are so great. People give back. That is why I offer the same help to others. The amazing thing about kindness and help is that the more you give it away, the more it comes back.

From a determined and driven unemployed worker in 2008 to an employer of 3, investor in the community and a growing business (and more) in 2017. Thank you Kendallville and Noble County. Never stop dreaming.

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